Twitter Says No to Ethereum

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is not a big fan of Ethereum. He keeps rejecting this coin and ever purchasing it.

2 Million People in UK Own Crypto

The number of British people who own crypto is on the rise. The latest estimate shows the number to be more then 2 million people.

Trump Calls Bitcoin a Scam

Donald J. Trump has called Bitcoin a scam, and has asked for the hegemony of U.S. dollar.

Ransomware; a Downside of Cryptocurrencies?

Is there a relationship between increased ransomware attacks and the rise of cryptocurrencies?

Australians Are to Report Crypto Profits

According to the Australian Tax Office, more than 600,000 Aussies are involved in the crypto market. However, it's time to pay the...

Bahrain's Central Bank and JPMorgan Will Collaborate On...

Bahrain's Central Bank anticipates that its digital currency partnership with JPMorgan and Bank ABC would lead to the establishment...

Brave Browser Now Supports .Crypto Website Domains

Brave Browser becomes the first browser to support new website domain .crypto, which is being promoted to be used for cryptocurrency...

What Will Be Tesla’s Crypto for Payments?

Tesla recently rejected Bitcoin as their choice for crypto payments. What will they choose next? Read along to find out.

Bitcoin Might Hit $29K, Analysts Say

The price of Bitcoin is experience a downward trend. But how long will it last? What's the next step for Bitcoin?

Mining Restricted on Nvidia's RTX-3060 Graphics Card

Nvidia has issued an update for it 3060 graphics cards in order to limit the maximum mining capacity on these cards.

Counos Mobile Wallet Supports More Tokens

Counos Mobile Wallet has added a long list of tokens to its list of official supported tokens. Now, users can send, receive, and store...

Turkey's Central Bank Has Banned the Use of Cryptocurrency

In a shocking turn of event, the central bank of Turkey has officially banned the use and purchase of digital currencies, due to their...

Counos X Stands Firm Against Volatilities

Crypto market is under the heavy influence of whales who pump and dump. Almost no coin is impervious to these ups downs. However,...

Crypto Ransomware Running Wild

The incidents of ransomware are increasingly on the rise, causing concern among crypto analysts and users alike.

Russian Government Officials Banned to Own Crypto

The government of Russia has plans to begin the process of banning the officials of government from having digital currencies. Read...

Latest Update of Counos Mobile Wallet

Counos Mobile Wallet is releasing its latest version, 1.9.50, and in this version many features have been added to this crypto wallet....