Counos X Stands Firm Against Volatilities

Crypto market is under the heavy influence of whales who pump and dump. Almost no coin is impervious to these ups downs. However, Counos X offers a hope for stability.

Counos X Stands Firm Against Volatilities

Counos X Continues Bull Run

Recently, after a rather long bull run in almost all crypto markets, they all came crashing down. But the story is not the same for Counos X.

Volatility and instability define the crypto world. But what can stand out? Just taking a look at Counos X, we can see the it can offer the stability that the crypto users need the most.


Crypto Market VS Counos X; Bull or Bear?

Almost all crypto markets were having a very long run toward the direction of the bull market.

Of course, it didn’t last long. They all crashed. For instance, only in a seven day period, the following crashes took place for these cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (-11%), Ripple (-23%), Dogecoin (-21%), Litecoin (-16%), Bitcoin Cash (-20%), VeChain (-28%), Tron (-26%), and EOS (-27%), among so many others.

Among all these ups and downs, Counos X has been keeping a steady price of around 100 dollars and even increasing in value.

It has been on the rise ever since its launch to the market. And it has been stable through all the troubles of the crypto market.

Counos X (CCXX) offers the stability that can bring cryptocurrencies to the forefront of day to day and professional finances.


More Info about CCXX

Counos X (CCXX) is a cryptocurrency offered by the Swiss-based Blockchain company, Counos Platform. Counos X is the first coin that is bankable and implements the proof of work algorithm. The number of coins to be offered in this network has not been limited, but in the first stage about 18,300,000 coins have been mined.

As mentioned above, Counos X is the first bankable coin. Counos Platform is the first company to create a coin that can be bought directly with your local bank. No matter where you are in the world, you can purchase Counos X through your bank or directly with your broker using the Swiss ISIN number.

Counos X will also offer features on its Blockchain network such as Certification System, Election System, Copyright System, Counos Layer, and Decentralized Finances (DeFi).

All these systems are based on Counos X coins. For example, in the Counos election system, the voting ballots are Counos X coins, in the Counos certification system, the certificates are Counos X coins, and in the copyright system, the copyright documents are Counos X coins.

All these features create an ecosystem all around Counos X. A large ecosystem and community that revolves around CCXX, thus making it vital and valuable for the whole system.

How do I buy Counos X?

Counos X has been listed by various top rated exchanges. Additionally, the number of these listings will grow steadily and more. Currently, you can purchase Counos X using these exchange pairs and at the following exchanges:


Where can I get Counos X wallet?

Counos Platform offers various wallets that can be used for Counos X. Choose the wallet best suited for your needs. Here is a list of the wallets offered:

Counos Mobile Wallet (Android) (iOS)

Counos Paper Wallet

Counos Web Wallet

Counos X Core Wallet (for Windows)

Counos X Core Wallet (for Linux)

Counos X Core Wallet (for macOS)

Each of these wallets offer a series of unique features and functionalities. Based on their needs, users have a wide array of options to choose a crypto wallet to store, send, and receive Counos X.

Source: Counos