How to Track and Analyze the Price of Gold Precisely?

How to Track and Analyze the Price of Gold Precisely?

The value of gold has always been high, and traders and investors are constantly looking for ways to monitor and track its price changes. Many tools and resources are now available to help track and analyze gold prices thanks to the development of technology. We will examine the top resources, methods, and tools for monitoring and evaluating gold prices in this extensive guide.

Price Alerts

To keep track of changes in gold prices, price alerts are a crucial tool. Price alert services are provided by a number of businesses, such as BullionVault, Kitco, and Gold Price.

The popular website Gold Price offers a number of price alert services and real-time gold price updates. Users have the option to set up alerts for particular price levels or percentage changes, and they will be notified via email or text message when the price reaches the set level. Additionally, Gold Price provides a historical price chart that can assist traders and investors in analyzing previous price movements and spotting potential trends.

Another well-known website that offers price alert services and real-time gold price updates is Kitco. Users have the option of setting up alerts for particular price tiers or percentage changes, and they can select to receive notifications via desktop alerts, email, or text message. As well as news updates, market research, and investment manuals, Kitco also provides a wealth of information on gold.

BullionVault: BullionVault is a marketplace where investors can buy and sell gold and other precious metals. The website provides a number of price alert services as well as real-time gold price updates. Users are able to configure alerts for particular price levels or percentage changes, and they will receive email or text notifications when the price reaches the target level. Additionally, BullionVault provides a selection of charting tools and historical price information that can assist traders and investors in analyzing previous price movements and spotting emerging trends.

Tools for Technical Analysis

Technical analysis tools are essential for investors and traders who want to make informed decisions about when to buy or sell gold. Moving averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, and Fibonacci Retracement are a few well-known technical analysis tools that are applied to gold.

TradingView: This well-known platform provides both a free version and a subscription-based service. Users can create custom charts and have access to a number of technical analysis tools with the free version. Advanced technical analysis tools and programmable charting features are accessible through the subscription-based service. Additionally, TradingView provides a trading-specific social network where users can exchange trading concepts and methods.

StockCharts is a subscription-based service that offers access to sophisticated technical analysis tools and a variety of charting options. The technical analysis tools available on StockCharts include moving averages, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and Fibonacci retracement. In order to find potential trading opportunities, the platform also lets users create their own screeners and indicators.

Several technical analysis tools are available for gold and other assets on the well-known trading platform MetaTrader. By using its own programming language, MQL, MetaTrader enables users to develop unique indicators and automated trading systems. The platform also gives users access to a huge selection of indicators and tools from third parties.

tools for fundamental analysis

Economic, geopolitical, and market factors that can affect gold prices are examined using fundamental analysis tools. Economic Indicators, Geopolitical Events, and Market Sentiment are a few of the well-liked fundamental analysis tools used for gold.

News Websites: Current news and analysis on market, economic, and geopolitical factors that may have an impact on gold prices are available on news websites like Reuters and Bloomberg.

Economic Calendars: Economic calendars, like those provided by Investing . com and DailyFX, offer a schedule of upcoming economic releases and events that may have an impact on gold prices.

Market Research Reports: Market research reports, such as those provided by the World Gold Council and the International Monetary Fund, offer in-depth analysis of market trends and drivers for the gold sector.

The best resource for tracking and analyzing gold price trends is.

The World Gold Council's GoldHub is one of the best tools for monitoring and examining gold price trends. Market data, research reports, and investment manuals are just a few of the gold-related resources offered by GoldHub.

Market Information: Spot, futures, and option prices for gold are all provided by GoldHub along with the most recent gold price information. Additionally, the platform offers historical price information that can be used to examine previous price changes and spot potential trends.

Research Reports: GoldHub provides a variety of gold-related research reports, such as market analyses, investment manuals, and sustainability reports. In addition to offering insights into the environmental, social, and governance facets of gold mining, these reports offer in-depth analysis of the trends and drivers in the gold market.

Investment Guides: For investors and traders interested in buying and selling gold, GoldHub offers a variety of investment guides. These guides provide information on the different ways to invest in gold, including physical gold, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and gold mining stocks.


Investors and traders who want to make educated decisions about when to buy or sell gold must keep track of and analyze the price of the metal. The two most useful tools for monitoring and analyzing gold prices are price alerts and technical analysis tools, both of which are provided by a number of businesses. Tools for fundamental analysis can also shed light on market, geopolitical, and economic variables that may have an impact on gold prices. GoldHub, which offers a wealth of gold information including market data, research reports, and investment guides, is the best resource for monitoring and analyzing gold prices. Investors and traders can profit from brief price changes and spot potential market trends by combining these tools and resources. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Economist Visionary and Specialist in Gold and Banking