How to Win 5500$ by Installing Counos Wallet?

Using the Counos paper wallet, you can get 1000CCA which is equal to more than 5500 dollars has already been deposited to your wallet...

How to Win 5500$ by Installing Counos Wallet?
win 5500 dollars with counos wallet

Win 5500$ by Installing Counos Wallet

Using the Counos paper wallet, you can participate in the 1000 CCA competition, which is equal to more than 5500 dollars , and try your luck in becoming a millionaire. Read this article to find out about how to do this.

In order to enter the crypto world, much like entering into the banking world, you need to create an account . In banking models, people go to a bank branch and provide identification documents and fill forms in order to receive a bank card, account number, etc. Then you can use this information to make deposits and withdraw from your account. As long as you are the only person who has the account information and passwords, your account is safe and only you can withdraw from it.

In order to enter the crypto world, you will need to create an account and receive something like an account number and password. Unlike banks, there is no institution or organization that you can go to in order to create an account. So you need to do it yourself.

Since there is no centralized bank or organization in the crypto world , you need to create your account and password for yourself. Just like the bank account passwords, the crypto account passwords need to be secure and complex and also kept safely.

With regard to bank accounts, thieves and scammers cannot steal from your account by knowing your account password or even online account password even if they don’t know your account number. However, in the crypto world, only by knowing your password, your account can be stolen from. Therefore, it is incredibly important to keep your passwords safe and secure.

In the crypto world, your account password is known as private key, and your account number is known as the public key.

How to Create Private and Public Keys?

One of the tools that make it easy for you to create private and public keys are crypto wallets . These crypto wallets create private and public keys for you, keep your private keys safe, and show you your balance. They also allow for making transactions and sign them with your private key before sending.

Therefore, the security of a crypto wallet is very important, because if there is a security flaw in the crypto wallet, then your entire account balance can be stolen.

With respect to security levels, crypto wallets are divided into the following groups:

  1. Internet wallets (web-based)
  2. Mobile wallets
  3. Hardware wallets
  4. Paper wallets

As mentioned previously, it is very important to store the private key safely. If the private key is stored online or on your mobile phone, it obviously does not have that much security. And if the private key can be stored offline and not based on the internet, such as hardware wallet and paper wallet , then it would have a higher level of security. In other words, you would rather keep your bank password written on a piece of paper than on your phone.

The safest way to keep your private key is to use paper wallets. In this way of keeping the private key, it is printed on a piece of paper and you can keep that in a safe place such as your personal safe or a bank safe. Thus only you will have access to it.

How to Create a Paper Wallet?

There are many different websites that you can use to create paper wallets. For example WalletGenerator . To increase the security, you can get this website’s code from Counos Dev and then cut off your computer’s internet, and launch the index.html file. Then choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to create a wallet for. Then move your mouse cursor to create completely random private key ( SECRET ) and public key ( SHARE ).

paper wallet jenerator counos

Afterward, copy your private key, then enter the Paper wallet tab and using the private key, you can see your paper wallet and print it out.

print of paper wallet

Now store this printed paper wallet in a safe and secure place. Keep in mind that anyone who has access to your paper wallet can withdraw all your balance without permission.

In the following section, we will talk about how you can make transactions using your paper wallet.

How to make transactions with paper wallet?

Other than the high security of the paper wallets, they are harder to work with compared to mobile wallets. In order to make transaction using the paper wallet, you first need to install the Counos Mobile Wallet on your phone. Then you can choose the type of cryptocurrency, then choose the Sweep Paper Wallet option.

In the next step scan your private key. To do so, choose the scan QR code icon. And just like that, your paper wallet is connected to a crypto wallet able to make transactions. From now on, you can use the SEND option to make transactions.

Good News for Counos Wallet Users

Counos Platform has proposed an exciting competition for Counos wallet users with a prize of 1000 Counos Coins ( CCA ) equal to 5870 U.S. dollars. Each day on Instagram , LinkedIn , Twitter , and other Counos social media, a character from a private key is published randomly. This private key is made up of a series of letters and numbers. The first user who can get all the characters of this private key is rewarded 1000 CCA .

In fact this 1000 CCA has already been deposited to a Counos wallet account and anyone who can get the private key first will have access to this cryptocurrency.

So, go to the Instagram page of Counos right now.

Also, follow other social media accounts of Counos . Then be on the lookout for the post about the competition . Make sure to check the captions. Afterward, go to Counos Wallet and try creating a private key. Maybe you will be the winner !

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