Introduction to the Counos Platform

Blockchain Technology disrupted the traditional Financial Instruments and Services. Counos Platform is now moving ahead in 2020 with an ambition to disrupt the Blockchain Industry

Introduction to the Counos Platform
From innovative Counos Cryptocurrencies to Reliable and Highly Secure Financial Services, the Counos Platform has everything to offer for their precious members.

Blockchain Technology disrupted the traditional Financial Instruments and Services. Counos Platform is now moving ahead in 2020 with an ambition to disrupt the Blockchain Industry. From innovative Counos Cryptocurrencies to Reliable and Highly Secure Financial Services, the Counos Platform has everything to offer for their precious members. 



Counos Platform came to the surface in 2017 in Swiss and has attracted a great number of Loyal Members. The platform does not exist just for profits but to bring meaning to Digital Assets and Business. Credibility remains the strong point of Counos and the team always looks to facilitate each one of us in this domain. 


Global Financial Trade and carrying out Digital Transactions is super easy when you are the part of Counos Platform. Most users were unsatisfied with the previously used cryptocurrencies as they were not stable enough and their value determination always remained unstable.


What sets apart Counos from other Cryptocurrency providers is the financial stability it brings to your Crypto assets. They have put in their maximum effort to keep prices stable and offer reliable Cryptocurrencies through their platform. 


Let’s give you a quick roundup of Counos Platforms Currency:



Counos Coins are a real asset to be possessed by the Investors. They are the most reliable and secure cryptocurrencies. The platform ensures that each of the Counos Coin performance remains stable and completely secure. Let’s get into the details to know more about them.  Counos Coin

Counos Coin is a remarkable cryptocurrency that operates using a Scrypt Based Algorithm in a completely Independent Network. The technology “Proof-of-Work” stands competitive to Bitcoin as it is the form of the Peer-Peer network. There is a mining capacity of 21 million Counos Coins and 16.8 units have already been mined. Independent mining can get you the residual amount of Counos Coins. They outperformed any other CounosCurrency for financial transactions and making payments anywhere in the world. 


Whether you want to buy gold online, make transactions within the Counos Members, or use them at Payment Gateways, Counos Coins remain the most trusted and highly reliable cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that means you own it completely until you send them to anyone else.  Counos X

Counos X has been the high-end currency of the Counos Platform to make sure the latest trends are dealt with for payment facilitation. It offers even better privacy for making digital payments completely secure and the latest security measures are in effect. As it is developed with the relation to standards of Litecoin, the validation method remains “Proof-of-work” as it was with Counos Coin. 


There is an amazing transaction speed even less than 2.5 minutes and keeping in mind the overall reliability, this is a remarkable aspect of Counos Platform. A maximum of 25 Counos X can be mined in a single day with the first block awarding 0.035 coins. Users can exchange this coin to other cryptocurrencies or convert them into Fiat Currency at the time of their own choosing and market rate is offered at each transaction. 

Stable coins 

With Counos stable coins, users are guaranteed that their currency price would remain stable over a period of time. Counos platform has backed them by the respective reserve asset. Below are the list of Stablecoins available in the Counos Platform.  Counos Cash

Counos Cash has a guaranteed rate of 20 CHF so it has proven to be the best Stablecoin available. It is based on Litecoin Source Code and a completely independent network has been ensured by the platform. 


Counos cash is backed by the Swiss Franc so it is a reliable payment tool and invoices can be sent in a convenient manner using this currency. Global payments can also be done using the guaranteed rate of 20 CHF for each Counos Cash. 21 million units have already been mined.  Counos Gold

A premium cryptocurrency with the current offering to take place only on limited bases in an independent secure network. Global Crypto Market will absolutely love getting hands onto the Counos Gold and each unit brings one gram of gold(in terms of CHF) for the owners. 

The possibility of transferring Gold worldwide without the involvement of physical commodities is limitless with Counos Gold. Soon enough, Counos Gold will be on offer for all the platform members and we are quite confident, this is going to do wonders for Global Gold Trade.  Counos Silver

A great success of the Counos Platform has been because of Counos Silver. It has been the roadmap for traditional investors to come to Virtual Markets. Counos members are able to make investments and transfer their assets most conveniently using Counos Silver. Price Stability has been ensured through a multidimensional asset-backed function. 


This asset-backed Counos Coin can be held in traditional banking institutions through the use of the International Securities Identification Number(ISIN). For each Counos Silver Coin held by the users, it will be equal to One Kilogram of Silver in real. These are stored at safe places and remain a valuable cryptocurrency trade commodity for Counos members.  Counos U

Counos U also comes under the Stable Coin powered by Litecoin Source Code. This Counos Currency has been created and mined for the transactions within the United States of America. Nevertheless, it supports the USD and one unit of Counos U equals 100 USD at the moment. So, this can also be used for Global Payments as well as accepted at Counos Payment Gateways.  Counos E

The features and development of Counos E remain similar to the above coin mentioned. The major difference that remains is that Counos E remains equal to EUR 100. So, the Counos Platform has tried to accommodate each of the world regions and facilitate Global Transactions. It will be made available for Public Offering soon as 21 million units have already been mined.  Counos CAD

This Cryptocurrency has been created for the residents of Canada. Each Counos CAD is equal to the value of 100 Canadian Dollars and the rest features remain the same as this one is also a Stablecoin and developed with Litecoin Source code. 

These above mentioned Counos Coins remain reliable through the stable price system and transaction security measures already in place. 


Now, let’s put you through what Counos has to offer in terms of Financial Services:  Counos Escrow

The main reason for masses getting on-board with this platform is because of Counos Escrow Services. Since transactions involving cryptocurrency are mostly irreversible so it poses a serious risk of theft and fraud. With Counos Escrow, there can be nothing like that as payments are made safe until both parties are satisfied that the transaction can be completed. 


 So, if anyone wants to transfer digital assets or make a transaction for Global Payments, they can hold their amount in Counos Escrow and release them when they are completely satisfied. Counos platform plays an excellent role as a third party moderator and makes both sellers and receivers satisfied that they are surely going to get their share. All the Counos currencies can be used in Counos Escrow Payments. 


Counos Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are an essential need for modern online businesses. If checkouts are slow and it takes years to complete transactions then users might think to rethink their order. Counos Payment Gateways has proven to be a fast, reliable and highly secure method for businesses to receive their online payments. 


Users can select the cryptocurrency of their choice while making payments through Counos Payment Gateways and they are usually amazed to see the optimum performance levels. Cost Equilibrium rates are calculated quickly and determine how many coins are required to be submitted for completing the transaction. An additional feature of the QR Code is also available so there is no mistake in entering and sharing Wallet Addresses. 

Counos Exchange

There are two types of Exchanges available for users to be able to make transactions. Let’s get to know about them too. 

Centralized Exchange 

This one is regarded as the most secure Global Cryptocurrency exchange. Users find each aspect of this exchange to be useful and user-friendly. The most prominent feature is of interface extremely friendly to the users. Most of us are able to get the results we desire through Counos Centralized Exchange. 

Decentralized (DEX)

Recently, the platform has unveiled it’s powerful Decentralized Exchange Service. This has caught serious attention of cryptocurrency holders as the claim to ownership remains till the end to the user. It can be predicted very easily that almost all the cryptocurrency transactions will be done through Decentralized Exchanges. 


Some of the coins of decentralized exchanges have risen in recent times that includes transfer limitation and receiving fake trade requests. Notably, the Counos Platform has effectively overcome these problems of the decentralized exchange. Moreover, you can find below features in our Decentralized Exchange. 

Converting Fiat Currency to Cryptocurrency

Most of the decentralized exchanges do not allow your Fiat money to be converted into cryptocurrencies. Many valid currency holders are then unable to get benefit from the rising digital economy. Counos platform has facilitated this move and you can convert your Fiat directly to any Counos currency you like and vice versa.

All Major Cryptocurrencies Supported

Many credible cryptocurrencies running hot in the market are available at Counos Exchange Services. These include most notably Bitcoin Litecoin and along with all the famous Counos Coins and currencies.

The limitless volume of trade and transactions

Create the number of sales offers at your will through Counos Decentralized Exchange. Also, there is no limit to buying cryptocurrency so feel free with Counos Platform.

Prevention of Fake Sale Offers


For users to be able to create a sales offer, the users should order one of the Dex Trading Packages. These packages are well-suited for each financial budget and this allows the Platform to verify that users are genuinely interested in the Sale Offers they are making. 


The money as balance will be put in user accounts for further use in future as per user discretion. But, these packages must be activated before users on the platform can make Sale Offers. So, we can proudly say that no fake trades are happening through this platform. 

Reliable Digital Payments with Counos Escrow Service

Escrow service ensures that both sellers and buyers can freely work on any project and collaborate without risking their payments. Counos plays a perfect role of third party moderator and each of the users is assured that their digital transactions are completely safe. This is implemented with the help of three safe private keys. So, there is no chance of fraud or theft when members engage in collaborations with the help of the Counos Escrow Payment Service. 

Counos Wallets

Counos Platform currencies are backed by superlative Financial Services and Counos Wallets. Three different Counos Wallets are available for the Members which they can use to hold their Currency both online and physical storage. 

  1. Counos Mobile Wallet

    1. Android

    2. IOS
  2. Counos Core Wallet

  3. Paper Wallet

This is why users prefer the Counos Platform as it provides an all-in-one solution for them.