What Is B6X Cryptocurrency?

In this article, we will reveiw B6X digital currency and find out more about its features.

What Is B6X Cryptocurrency?

These days, there are many digital currencies and tokens out there in the crypto market. And new ones come out almost on a daily basis. A question that you might ask is what sets them apart? How do we know which digital currencies hold any weight and value?

Well, a good answer to these questions and concerns is to look for exchange coins or tokens. And that is exactly what B6X is.

B6X is an exclusive cryptocurrency for the BTC6X crypto exchange. And that is precisely why it is believed that this coin is valuable. In the next sections of this article we will go into more detail about this exchange and its coin.


Features of B6X

As mentioned above B6X is a cryptocurrency for the crypto exchange BTC6X. In fact, for the time being, B6X is a token, which means it has been developed on another Blockchain network. Actually, B6X has been developed on the Blockchain network of Counos H.

This has been done with the help of Counos Layer, which is itself a protocol on top of the Blockchain network of Counos H. This protocol allows for seamless and easy development of tokens on top of this Blockchain network.

In fact, Counos Layer allows for defining and designing new tokens and digital currencies. Counos Layer is being offered on top of the Blockchain network of Counos H, and various tokens with different functions are being offered. The transactions on Counos Layer are in fact special transactions on the network of Counos H.

Therefore, for the time being, B6X can be considered a token. However, the team behind the design and development of B6X have expressed that soon, no later than next year, B6X will have its own independent Blockchain network.

Additionally, the total cap of B6X is 150,000,000 coins. But one of the most important features of B6X is that every six months, it has a token burning process.

Burning is a common practice in the world of crypto these days. Through this process, a certain amount of tokens or coins are sent to what is known as “dead” wallets. These so-called dead wallets are not held by anybody, and in doing so the tokens or coins that are sent to them are taken out of circulation forever. As a result, the process of burning lowers the supply of a certain good in the market. Therefore, in the supply and demand dichotomy, which is a traditional market indicator, when supply is systematically and purposefully lowered, it will make the coin or token even more precious and valuable.

However, perhaps the most important feature of B6X that makes it so much more valuable and sets it apart from other digital currencies is that it already has an established institution behind it, i.e. BTC6X exchange.

We have already covered this exchange in another article, which is really worth reading and finding out more about this crypto trading platform.

However, there are two special features of BTC6X that are worthy of mentioning here.

The first one is the Airdrop program of this exchange. Through this airdrop program you will receive 10,000 free BTCX tokens once you register.

The other is the Referral program, which allows you to invite your friend to register in the exchange. Via this program, you will receive 5 to 15 percent of the trade fees in the form of B6X from the users who registered using your referral link. Moreover, for every 1000 users who register with your link, you will receive 200 dollars in Counos X.

So, it can be concluded that B6X, having BTC6X exchange as its backbone, is considered a valuable digital currency in today’s crypto market.