The Impact of Alien Influence and Divine Intervention in Cosmic Governance

The Impact of Alien Influence and Divine Intervention in Cosmic Governance
Our existence is a wonder that has sparked a wide range of theories, from scientific hypotheses to religious convictions and even speculation about extraterrestrial influence.


What if the beings we typically consider to be gods, or the energies and mysterious forces we revere, are actually manifestations of highly developed intelligences overseeing our cosmic metaverse?

This provocative viewpoint suggests that these advanced intelligences—let's call them "Cosmic Governors"—could be beings from worlds outside of our comprehension, whose influence has been woven into the structure of our world. They might be the designers of the cosmos' metaverse, establishing the rules and regulations that govern our world.

These Cosmic Governors may be the same beings that some people consider to be gods, divine beings, or mystical energies. Through the lens of our limited understanding, their actions might be perceived as miracles or divine interventions, but they might actually be changes in the cosmic code.

In this hypothetical scenario, various religions and spiritual practices may have different interpretations of and reactions to the power of these Cosmic Governors. The variety of gods, deities, and divine beings found in different cultures could be seen as different ways that these Cosmic Governors communicate with our world.

Another possibility for these Cosmic Governors' agents or manifestations is extraterrestrial creatures, which are frequently mentioned in conspiracy theories and science fiction. The boundaries of the cosmic game may occasionally be lifted in the case of unexplained phenomena like UFO sightings or abduction tales, giving us brief glimpses of a reality beyond our coded existence.

This viewpoint presents a novel way of looking at the idea of prayer or meditation. These actions could be interpreted as attempts to interact with the cosmic code or to communicate with the Cosmic Governors.


The effectiveness of the communication strategy or the degree of alignment with the cosmic parameters may determine the outcome of these endeavors. It's possible that we humans play a special role in the overall scheme of this cosmic metaverse.


We might be valuable players in the cosmic game and even have some influence over the cosmic code thanks to our ability to think abstractly, be imaginative, and be empathic. While clearly speculative, this theory offers an intriguing means of bringing various phenomena and beliefs together within a single framework.


It challenges us to think more broadly about our existence and invites us to consider, investigate, and visualize the vastness of our cosmic metaverse.
The nature of these Cosmic Governors may eventually become clearer as we continue to explore the mysteries of the universe and our place within it, bringing us one step closer to comprehending the grand cosmic story that we are a part of. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 

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