The Cosmic Scale Impacts of Extraterrestrial Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Genomic Influence

The Cosmic Scale Impacts of Extraterrestrial Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Genomic Influence

We arrive at an intriguing intersection where artificial intelligence (AI), human genetics, alien commerce, and the global concentration of wealth coalesce after navigating the vast metaverse. This story may seem to be taken straight out of a science fiction book, but it actually serves as a metaphorical lens through which we can examine our current socio-economic paradigms and the significant influence of emerging technologies.

The idea of alien traders in this interstellar interaction could be seen as the embodiment of outside forces or influences that are still beyond our immediate comprehension or control. These alien species serve as a metaphor for the unforeseen circumstances to which humans must perpetually adjust in our quickly changing universe.


Similar to how we adapt, AI systems and robots are built to learn from data inputs, evolve, and make thoughtful decisions based on that data, mirroring the principles of our genetic code. Robots and AI systems are no longer ancillary pieces on the grand chessboard of our universe.


They perform a wide range of tasks, from industrial manufacturing to algorithmic trading, and are an essential component of our economic system. These non-human entities may change the social and economic norms to which we have become accustomed as AI technology develops.

The wealth gap, with the vast majority of the world's wealth concentrated in a tiny portion of the population, is a persistent social issue. In this story, this economic phenomenon is portrayed as the overriding factor dictating how people behave, much like how our inherited traits subtly influence our actions.


As those who control the purse strings frequently determine the course of technological progress, the concentration of wealth could influence the trajectory of AI and robotic development. In this story, humangeneticsis crucial and hasanimpactthatgoesbeyondjust appearance.Our behaviors and socialinteractions are influenced by our genetic make-up as well.


As we interact with AI, robotic beings, and even imagined alien traders in the metaverse, our genetic predispositions may influence our digital decisions and experiences. Essentially, this story is an exploration through symbols of the intricate dynamics that make up our world.


A distinctive viewpoint on the complexities of our global society can be gained from the interaction of extraterrestrial commerce, artificial intelligence, human genetics, and wealth concentration. We can learn important lessons from these relationships that will aid us in navigating our future in a world that is becoming more digital and interconnected. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist 

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