TEDDY Doge Collapses 99.94%

TEDDY Doge Collapses 99.94%

  • TEDDY Doge has collapsed by more than 99.94 percent. “U Today”

  • The Ethereum merge is expected to happen in September, but it won’t reduce gas fees. “U Today”

  • Ethereum lost 10 percent of its value as the asset failed to maintain above 1600 dollars. “U Today”

  • Data shows that 42 percent of failed crypto exchanges disappeared without a trace, giving users no explanation as to why the exchange shut down. “Bitcoin News”

  • The university of Tokyo wants to offer exclusive classes that take place on the Metaverse to students. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Chipotle has announced a new crypto PR stunt. “U Today”

  • Lady Apes NFTs made it into OpenSea’s top 10. “U Today”

  • British man plans to find the hard drive with his Bitcoin fortune with the help of robot dogs. “U Today”

  • Cardano reaches a new milestone in smart contracts generation. “U Today”

  • Celsius and its top execs have been slapped with a new class action lawsuit. “U Today”