Staking Now Available at BTC6X Exchange

In this article, we will take a look at the staking services of BTC6X exchange.

Staking Now Available at BTC6X Exchange

The crypto exchange of BTC6X is now offering staking services to its users.

With the staking feature now available at the BTC6X exchange, you can stake your digital currencies and earn rewards. But what is staking?

In essence, staking is the process by which you deposit your digital currencies in order to be frozen for a certain period of time by a certain network. In exchange for this holding of digital currencies in this period of time, you will receive interest.

For instance, you choose to stake your coins for 6 months or even a year. At the end of the specified period, you will receive interest and of course your original staked coins.

As you can see, staking can be considered a very good way to gain some passive income. But it is very important to pick the right staking plan. One that yields the most amount of interest for the staking period.

With the staking services offered by the BTC6X exchange you can stake digital currencies such as CCU (Counos U), CCE (Counos E), USDT (Tether), CCXX (Counos X), and Xbit (Xbit Coin).

There are some outstanding features about these coins that can be discussed further. For instance, Counos U and Counos E are both Stablecoins offered by the Swiss Blockchain company Counos Platform.

Counos U and Counos E, also known as CCU and CCE, are equal to 1 US dollar and 1 Euro respectively.

In addition, Counos X is also offered by this Swiss company, and it also has some prominent features, including the very unique feature of being bankable through the Swiss ISIN number.

On the other hand, Xbit Coin is also a rather interesting cryptocurrency. This coin has been designed and developed specifically for the online gaming industry, but more specifically for the online Xbit Gaming Platform.

In fact, Xbit Coin is considered to be the representative share of the Xbit Gaming Platform.

You can click on the provided links throughout the article to find out more about each and every one of these coins.

And to find out more about the provided staking plans, head over to BTC6X website.