Hector Network's Troubling Trajectory: Systematic Hacks or a Calculated Drain of the Treasury?

Hector Network's Troubling Trajectory: Systematic Hacks or a Calculated Drain of the Treasury?

The narrative surrounding Hector Network, a platform once lauded for its innovative approach in decentralized finance, has taken a concerning turn. A string of security breaches, each leading to substantial financial losses, has cast a shadow over the network's operations. These repeated incidents are increasingly being perceived not as unfortunate coincidences but as parts of a potentially deliberate strategy to deplete the treasury.

A Pattern of Persistent Breaches
The Hector Network has been plagued by frequent hacks, each chipping away at the treasury's assets. The consistency and nature of these breaches have raised serious questions about their origin — are they external attacks, or could there be a more disconcerting explanation involving internal orchestration?

Simpler Alternatives Overlooked
Amidst these security concerns, a glaring question remains unanswered: Why has Hector Network not opted for a seemingly simpler and more secure alternative? Converting the diverse assets into stablecoins and setting up a trading pair on an exchange to buy back all tokens at a predetermined price would arguably be a more straightforward and transparent liquidation process. This method would not only provide clarity but also potentially safeguard the value for token holders.

The Specter of Insider Involvement
The failure to adopt such a direct liquidation approach, combined with the pattern of the hacks, inevitably leads to suspicions of insider involvement. It paints a picture of a possibly orchestrated plan to strategically drain the treasury, raising concerns about the intentions behind the management's decisions.

An Open Call for Transparency
In light of these unsettling developments, Hector Network's management owes its stakeholders a high degree of transparency and accountability. The community deserves a thorough investigation into these incidents and clear communication regarding the steps being taken to address them.

Request for Official Statements
As a publication committed to journalistic integrity, we extend an invitation to Hector Network, specifically to Faroog Hassan and Tomas Urban , to provide their official statement on these matters. Our readers and the wider crypto community are keenly awaiting their response to gain insights into the situation.

Looking Ahead
The unfolding scenario at Hector Network is not just a concern for its stakeholders but serves as a cautionary tale for the entire decentralized finance ecosystem. It underscores the critical need for robust security measures and transparent management practices in crypto platforms.

Journalistic Integrity and Responsibility
In reporting on this issue, we adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and responsibility. Our objective is to inform the public and provide a platform for all voices, including those of Hector Network's representatives. We are committed to presenting balanced and factual information, upholding the principles of fairness and accuracy in journalism. 

By Shaun Jenkins
Crypto Team , e.g., Investigative Journalist
Coin Internatinal Journal 
Date: 18.01.2024