Counos at 2019 consensus conference

Consensus is a Blockchain-based global event which has found its place among investors, founders, officials and entrepreneurs since 2015

Counos at 2019 consensus conference
Counos at 2019 consensus conference

Consensus is a Blockchain-based global event which has found its place among investors, founders, officials and entrepreneurs since 2015, and annually refreshes the participants’ views from various businesses and fields such as education, finance, law, industry, etc. regarding applying this new technology safely and comfortably. This conference includes hot topics such as privacy, innovation, investment. Holding this event in 2017 caused the growth of cryptocurrencies market up to 26%. Moreover, starting Blockchain-based internet is one of its outcomes.

2019 Consensus conference will be held from May 10 to May 17 called “Blockchain week” in New York city in partnership with Economic Development Corporation (NYC) and with the centrality of Blockchain and related issues and create some breakthroughs for all who are in some way beneficiaries or engaged in this technology.

Almost all activists in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies invited to this gathering will take some steps in the faster and more cautious measures in promoting the present level of the technology. Over 100 countries will take part at this seven-day conference.

It will be the arena of fruitful negotiations in Blockchain and related technologies from which both the experts and newcomers can make profit.


Counos at 2019 consensus conference

One of the complexes who will take part in this event is Crypto Valley which is a government-supported association located in Switzerland to show and share all this country has in case of applying Blockchain and cryptographic technology which is active in consultation and supporting startups, doing research and holding conferences.

The association has got some of the famous enterprises in the field of Blockchain industry together from Switzerland to put their minds together with other nations to foster what has been achieved during recent years and to come up with new ideas to raise their strengths to work more professionally both in in-border and out of it.

Counos Platform is one of those enterprises with is proud to take part in this phenomenal event too. It is one of the most developed and safest platforms of the financial Blockchain. With a wide range of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and online financial Commercial services, Counos offers some of Blockchain- and cryptocurrency-based commercial services. You will get acquainted with our services at Consensus. Visit us and explore our Escrow, Exchange, Payment gateway system, paper wallet, and mobile wallet.
Counos will be there to introduce itself and share all its innovative and modern economic activities from May 13 to 15.

Meet us at Booth 338/340 in the Americas Hall at Consensus!

Major Consensus speeches and breakout sessions and exhibitions (including Blockchain crypto summit, construct and coin center) have been planned to be on May 13-15 too. Fortunately, we will be there to be one of those taking part to offer their technologic alternatives.

It is the best opportunity for the economists, thinkers, theoreticians and entrepreneurs to find a more comprehensive view regarding this new alluring technology.

It will have a fully-fledged news coverage by the presence of The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, etc. and eight well-known speakers from Journalists to Blockchain-based company directors will have talk in related issues. The list of speakers will surely be extended.

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