What Is the True Meaning of Power?

What Is the True Meaning of Power?

The concept of power, often wrapped in connotations of control and supremacy, requires closer examination. Beyond the common narrative, power has an underestimated dimension, a transformative essence that can radically alter our perception of ourselves and of society.

The idea that "You are powerful when you feel like you don't need anything" invites us to reevaluate our relationship to the external factors that seem to control our lives. This world, often seen as a matrix of wants and needs, harbors an idea of ​​power based on external validation, financial supremacy, and attention. The key to true power, however, lies in self-reliance and liberation from these superficial needs. Let's first review our perception of "need". Needs are mostly basic needs for survival, such as food, water, shelter, and security. Beyond these essential elements, the matrix of our society propagates a multitude of "needs": material goods, social status and constant validation. These "needs" act as external crutches, limiting our potential for self-fulfilment and generating a sense of powerlessness when they are not met.

True power arises from the ashes of these pseudo-needs. It flourishes when we recognize that our essence is not defined by these transient desires. The point is not to completely reject money, status or attention, but to understand their place and purpose. These are tools, not the destination. They may make our journey easier, but they shouldn't govern our lives or determine our self-worth.

In this liberation from external attachments, we enter a realm of inner strength. This strength comes from a sense of self-confidence, an understanding of our innate worth, and the cultivation of inner peace and contentment. It is about recognizing that we are complete in our existence, detached from the shackles of society's expectations.

This journey to inner strength requires courage, resilience and awareness. It is about promoting self-awareness, distinguishing between transient desires and intrinsic values. This mindful approach to life helps us connect with our inner selves, identify our true desires, and understand our potential. In this state of self-reliance, we can interact more effectively and authentically with the world. With the very essence of power as our compass, we can confidently navigate the matrix of life and wield our influence to shape a world aligned with the values ​​of empathy, inclusiveness and fairness. This is not a retreat from the world but a more enlightened engagement with it.

As we redefine power, we allow ourselves to embrace our full potential. That doesn't mean we will never face challenges or setbacks; it means we will be better equipped to deal with them without losing our sense of self. With this power, we are not only better individuals, but we also contribute to a stronger society.

This power shift leads us to a future where everyone recognizes their own value and potential. A world where power is not about dominating others, but about empowering oneself and, in turn, empowering others. This is the true essence of power - a state of being that enriches us and those around us. Let's step into this realm of inner power and inspire others to do the same. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist and Specialist in Blockchain Technology

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