A Full History of How Gold Became a Truly Precious Metal

A Full History of How Gold Became a Truly Precious Metal

Humans have been fascinated by gold for thousands of years. It is one of the most sought-after metals in the world due to its beauty, rarity, and price. This article will examine the development of gold as the world's most sought-after metal.

1. Gold's earliest applications.
Humans have long used gold as a material for ornamentation, jewelry, and a representation of power and wealth. One of the first metals used in coinage, gold was also used as a means of exchange in the form of coins.

2. Use of gold as money.
When the Lydian civilization started producing gold coins in the sixth century BC, gold became a recognized form of money. With their widespread use in international trade, gold coins quickly gained popularity.

3. Rushes for gold.
Numerous places around the world have experienced gold rushes throughout history, with California's in 1849 being the most well-known. Mass emigrations and new industries, like mining and refining, were sparked by gold rushes.

4. Gold as an Inflation Hedger.
In the past, gold has consistently served as an effective inflation hedge. The value of money declines during periods of high inflation, but gold's value is relatively stable, making it a popular investment for people looking to preserve their wealth and purchasing power.

5. Gold's Current Uses.
Gold is still a valuable metal that is used in many different products, such as electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, and aviation. Since it has special qualities like conductivity and corrosion resistance, it is a crucial part of many contemporary products.


As a priceless and sought-after metal, gold has a long and illustrious history. Gold has played a significant role in the history of humanity, from its early uses in jewelry and decoration to its current function as a currency and inflation hedge. In the modern era, gold is still a valuable metal that is used in many different applications. We can better understand gold's significance and value as a precious metal if we are aware of its rich history. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist, Visionary, and Specialist in Gold and Precious Metals