One-Minute Crypto News – May 05, 2022

One-Minute Crypto News – May 05, 2022

  • Bitso has officially listed Dogecoin according to a recent announcement. “U Today”

  • Bentley University, a private college in Massachusetts, has stated that it now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC. “Bitcoin News”

  • As Senate primaries in the US end, crypto candidates take the lead from both sides. “U Today”

  • South Korea’s newly-elected president intends to defer taxation of crypto until a new set of regulations can be developed. “Coin Telegraph”

  • A well-known Bitcoin miner saw a near 31 percent monthly dip in Bitcoin production in April. “Coin Desk”

  • Rick Ross wants crypto investors to flaunt their wealth. “U Today”

  • Founder of Algorand compared Bitcoin to a Neanderthal man. “U Today”

  • Last week more than 133 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin were taken out of market circulation as liquidity. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Vitalik Buterin says that Ethereum fees will not be low enough until they are under 0.05 dollars. “Crypto Briefing”

  • Federal reserve hikes interest rate by 50 BPS, the largest increase since 2000. “”