Are Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Used to Develop Parts of the Dark Web?

Are Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Used to Develop Parts of the Dark Web?
Are Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Used to Develop Parts of the Dark Web?

With the growth and development of digital technologies in recent years, fraudulent actions have found new dimensions. Illegal activities such as firearm trafficking and drug trafficking are being committed and prosecuted in some parts of internet space called the dark web. Germany and the United States have been engaged in the adventures of felonious activities on the web. The attempt to prosecute criminal actions and projects committed through tools such as Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are difficultly followed.

Criminal Activities and Blockchain

Since the Blockchain network is considered a decentralized network and there is no special surveillance, the possibility of criminal actions is there. For example, a network called Wall Street Market with about 5400 sellers of drugs such as cocaine and heroin are working on the dark web. This extensive and dangerous network conducts its financial trades via Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The activities of Wall Street Market are not limited to drug dealing. This network is active in forging identity documents like making licenses and fake identity papers too.
The dark web has turned into space and infrastructure to do various illegal activities. In addition to the mentioned cases, there are information and data robbery and hacking tool trade there. FBI has so far taken different measures to avoid dark web measures that some of them were successful.

Earning Illegal Income via Cryptocurrencies

With cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, millions and millions of dollars of income have been earned by the trespassers. Currently, prosecuting illegal transactions which are committed through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a little difficult. Although it is possible, because Police and the states do not yet have enough familiarity with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and on the other hand, there has not been regulations set to cope and face with them, prosecution process of various files is very difficult for them. In fact, Blockchain network and the transactions carried out through cryptocurrencies enjoy total transparency, and if some mechanisms to quickly prosecute criminal acts are created by the states and countries, the trespassers and illegal activities will not be able to use these cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies a Ground for Illicit Activities?

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain network enjoy an exact and transparent structure. So, there is no need to stop and avoid using it on the part of the countries. If some mechanisms to quickly prosecute illegal activities in the infrastructure of this network are formed, and a kind of general awareness is created about performance transparency in it, the percentage of illegal activities will strongly descent. Some critics fish in troubled waters of some crimes and criminal acts and decide to show Blockchain mechanism and structure in a way that we face a crime-creating and highly insecure infrastructure, while it is not the case and one of the main features of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the transparency and accuracy it offers in different transactions.

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