Will Facebook Be Flexible to Publishing Cryptocurrency Ads?

Will Facebook Be Flexible to Publishing Cryptocurrency Ads?
Will Facebook Be Flexible to Publishing Cryptocurrency Ads?

Facebook that earlier had taken a harsh approach regarding cryptocurrencies and Blockchain announced on May 8, 2019, that the restrictions about the publishing of ads related to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies would no longer be in enforced. This company, by evaluating and analyzing different feedbacks from its audience and the situation of cryptocurrencies has reached this conclusion that there is no longer the need for enforcing prior restrictions about cryptocurrencies. Although this lifting of restrictions is only for ads that are about technology, industries related to Blockchain, and educational content.

Facebook and Its Policy Change about Cryptocurrencies

Of course after some restrictions being lifted in the field of cryptocurrencies, still the ads about the sales of tokens or the offering of cryptocurrencies is prohibited, and these ads are still in the category of forbidden ads. In fact, software that directly advertises things like buying and selling cryptocurrencies is in the category of forbidden ads or for example mining software and crypto exchange are examples of forbidden content to be advertised on Facebook. This category of products need to be referred to the evaluation and observation department of Facebook and need to get release confirmation first and then be published as ads.

Facebook and Using Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Facebook is considered a tech giant in the world. This company with around 2.38 billion active users every month, has a great capacity to be used in publishing ads. Such a statistic of users can greatly help ads and marketing of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. From the other hand, the infiltration of cryptocurrencies into the digital world has gotten Facebook to have new plans for their efficiency. Reportedly, this company is trying to attract investors for a project regarding the use of Blockchain and intends to operationalize its $1 billion budget for offering its exclusive stablecoin in collaboration with companies such as VISA and Master Card.
Facebook wants to provide the possibility of financial trades with cryptocurrencies for users with the help of Blockchain technology. Also, the possibility of online shopping will be available for users of this large social network. Another application of Facebook stablecoins will be that companies can afford the necessary budget for the cost of publishing ads in the advertisement platform of Facebook by accepting Facebook cryptocurrency.

Facebook Project Is Operationalized in Using Blockchain

It seems that Facebook and many of the large active companies in the field of technology such as Microsoft are extremely happy about the maturation and growth of the Blockchain and its belongings, and are looking to enter the market and scene in which it is possible that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain would forever push the competitors aside and remain the star of the show. For his reason, Both Microsoft and Facebook intend to use Blockchain to enter the new generation of digital technologies and do not want to empty the field for their rivals. We should wait and see whether Facebook’s stablecoin project will be operationalized or not?

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